As we continue to live in a world where viruses and germs are rampant, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to minimize their spread. One of the places where it is crucial to implement such measures is in takeaway establishments.

Takeaway places cater to a broad range of customers, and hence, they are high-risk areas for spreading germs. The good news is that there are simple measures to undertake that can help reduce the spread of germs in takeaway places. One of these measures is the installation of hygienic wall cladding.

Hygienic wall cladding is the use of wall panels or cladding materials that keep the surface smooth, making it easier to disinfect and removing the potentially harmful bacteria biofilm. These panels are commonly made of plastic, stainless steel or PVC and are easy to clean. Installing them in takeaway establishments helps in reducing the spread of germs by not only being easy to clean but preventing bacteria growth.

Additionally, takeaways can implement these measures to further reduce the spread of germs:

  1. Mandatory handwashing

All staff members should ensure that they wash their hands regularly and that they follow the right hygiene practices. Staff should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. The establishment should also provide adequate soap and fresh hand towels to ensure that staff wash their hands regularly.

  1. Regular cleaning and disinfecting

The takeaway should have a regular cleaning schedule for all surfaces and equipment. The surfaces should be cleaned using disinfectants that have been proven to be effective against a broad range of germs.

  1. Proper food handling and storage

It is important to monitor how food is prepared and stored in the establishment. All food should be cooked, stored or refrigerated at the right temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, the establishment should have separate equipment for handling raw meat, poultry and vegetables. Staff should also ensure that they sanitize cutting boards, utensils, and appliances regularly.

In conclusion, germs can spread quickly in takeaway establishments but installing hygienic wall cladding and implementing other hygienic practices can help reduce their spread. Takeaway places have a duty to ensure that they maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene to protect not only their customers but also their staff.